About the Company

Austin Skyline Drawing

Fibonacci Technologies LLC – Austin

Fibonacci Technologies LLC is a financial markets consulting group that innovates advanced methods to monitor futures, options, and currencies in multiple time frames.  The principal paradigm synthesizes geometry of market structure, technical indicators, and economic-related variables within the context of multidimensional analysis.

The firm provides services to a limited number of clients:  (1) to research and develop quantifiable rule-based trading plans with positive expectancies and (2) to design conceptual models for programming strategies for customizable platforms.  As a privately-held, progressive, and growth-oriented company, we maintain a culture of high ethical standards.

The philosophy of the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci is central to the methods.  Prior to the Renaissance, Fibonacci described an ancient sequence of numbers that characterizes manifestations of the golden ratio in nature.  The company’s discretionary, semi-automated, and automated strategies utilize aspects of these theories.

In addition to other instruments our specializations include futures of the main stock market index of the United States, the Standard and Poors 500, where mathematical attributes of changes in the index’s value tend to correlate with the dynamics of trends.  Futures for this index are traded around the globe and around the clock.

Fibonacci Technologies is chartered in the State of Delaware as a series limited liability company (Series LLC).  The Chief Executive Manager directs operations from Austin, Texas, in partnership with an international team of entrepreneurs, economists, and engineers.


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