5 Tips to Grow an Audience for Social Media

5 Tips to Help Small Businesses Grow a Big Social Media Audience – 3 Bonus Tools

Repost from Business2Community, November 20, 2013

By Joy Mali

The world of social media is constantly changing, and for the better too.  Small businesses who want to jump onto the (somewhat crowded!) bandwagon may  want to start growing their social media audience earlier.

Building a social media audience is a constant balancing act, but nonetheless  it’s very rewarding once you have several best practices put in place. Here are some tips you may find valuable to start off.

Tip #1: Be consistent

Blogging and updating your social media profiles regularly will ensure a  steady growth of audience and followers. Plus, it’s good for SEO! This can be  done easily through the right social media tools (see below for a list of  trending tools I love using).

Tip #2: Give something valuable back

Sure, there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world (or is there?), but  you may want to consider giving back to the social media community by providing  information that your audience will value. Whitepapers, PDF reports, useful  graphics or templates are only some of the things you can give away to grow your  social media followers.

Tip #3: Optimize your profiles

There’s nothing worse than having business social media profiles that are  vague and inconsistent. Before you can grow your social media audience, you need  to tell the world who you are, what your business is all about. A good way to  start is to optimize your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn with the  relevant information. Adding personal, humanizing touches will secure your place  in the social media community as not just another cold, faceless brand.

Tip #4: Leverage on the power of visual content

And what better form of visual content is there apart from the ever-popular  infographics? High quality infographics are 30 times more likely to appeal  compared to text-based content – how’s that for virability? Besides providing an  appealing form of data visualization, infographics are also highly shareable and  will allow your business to gain a loyal following on the Internet.

Tip #5: K.I.S.S your content

If you follow the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Significant and Shareable) principle, you  will be able to create and share engaging content that people will generate interest and have  people remember for a long time. Don’t be stingy; always link out to other  authority sources of information (don’t blow your trumpet all the time!) and  you’ll increase your trustworthiness in the long run.

BONUS! Social media tools that help you grow

1. Swayy

Don’t you wish you could be the one person that always has something relevant  and interesting to say in parties? To further grow your business, you can build  thought leadership and be the person to look up to in your industry.

This can be achieved through Swayy, an upcoming platform that’s making waves in the  social media scene. You’ll have access to the most valuable and relevant content  on your Swayy dashboard, allowing you to share articles, videos, infographics or  breaking news with your followers.

Swayy also makes your job as a social media influencer easier as it presents  you with the right hashtags to keep your content constantly relevant in recent  trends. You can also tap on a wealth of data via their analytics feature to see  if you’re on the right path.

2. Compfight

Compfight is a nifty social media tool that’s catered for small businesses  who want to take the guesswork out of using the right photos for their online  content. You no longer need to trawl the Internet searching for relevant photos  that match your blog posts, articles or press releases – Compfight will crawl through  millions of Flickr photos and present you with the most relevant one based on  your keywords. You even get the right HTML code to properly give credit to the  photography source.

3. Sprout Social

Imagine effortlessly monitoring all your social media account, scheduling  your posts automatically. Guess what? You can have all that with Sprout Social, and more,  without even hiring a single social media manager. This platform oversees your  accounts and provides recommendations as to when is the most effective time to  post content catered to your audience. A good and cheaper alternative to this is  Post  Planner and Hootsuite.

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