Logos, Pathos, and Ethos in Marketing

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How to Create a Convincing Crowdfunding Campaign

Birthing a fresh, innovative concept is only the first step to a successful crowdfunding experience. In order to create a convincing crowdfunding campaign, a lot of time and effort must be invested in order to attract funders. Think of every potential investor as a sceptic or pessimist — make it your personal ambition to assuage their concerns, winning them over to your side. To the surprise of Philosophy majors everywhere, establishing a convincing crowdfunding campaign can be done using a few tips from Aristotle’s legacy. Of course, for those familiar with Ancient Greece rhetoric, I’m referring to the rhetorical triangle: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos.


The Appeal to Reason – In order to persuade an investor, you have to lay-down the facts, figures, and forecasts. Be specific in your financials: account for every dollar invested, spent, and made. If you can show your funder why their donation may benefit them in the long-run, you will be that much closer to achieving your goals. As equity-based crowdfunding approaches, showing funders a five-year projection will demonstrate your campaign’s growth potential, which means more money in their pocket as well. Remember: a huge aspect of a convincing crowdfunding campaign is a solid business plan and the statistics to back it up.


The Appeal to Emotion – Identifying with different communities may help your campaign succeed in the long-run. One way to do so is to create a narrative or video that summarizes your campaign in its entirety, using humour, personality, sympathy, and any other emotion to provoke a funder’s generosity. Sometimes human emotion conquers logic, so combining the two techniques ensures a highly convincing crowdfunding campaign.


The Appeal to Character  – Why you? Funders need to know that you have some skin in the game too, and that you are truly an expert in your field. So, work hard, invest your own money, and never give-up — your determination will help prove to others that your campaign is worth donating to. Similarly, keep it-touch with those who chose to support you. It may be smart to also fund a few other projects and familiarize yourself with the process. Anything you can do to show people the authenticity and legitimacy of your campaign will ultimately help create a more convincing crowdfunding campaign.


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